OD-1 PCB Modification?

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OD-1 PCB Modification?

Post by Sominus » Sun Jan 01, 2023 6:37 pm

Greetings fellow Boss-nerds!

Today I acquired an OD-1 from 1981, for a very reasonable price.
I asked for some pictures beforehand of the PCB and the guy said that everything was original except for this one little extra wire on the backside. According to him it was just some form of "bridging" done many years ago and it was no big deal. I'm not very good at the electronic part of guitar pedals, but I have been googling around now for pictures of the OD-1 PCB layout and it really doesn't look original at all. To me it seems like they added some form of trimpot where the R8 Resistor is supposed to be.

Could someone who is a bit more qualified with this type of stuff, tell me what exactly has been done with the pedal?
Or did they just simply added a trimpot and that's it?
If more detailed pictures are needed, just tell me so and I'll fix it!

PCB Backside:

PCB Front:

Thanks in advance guys! :)

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