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Buying empty boxes for pedals

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2024 12:28 pm
by olsen_lars
I'd like to buy older empty boxes for my pedals. If also allowed on this forum site, I'd also like to buy older leather bags for older wah pedals. I'd also love to see era-correct manuals, but it is not a must - just a nice touch. We can talk about the price, I will also pay for the shipping label.

Boss pedals I have that I am looking for empty boxes for:
HM-2, Made in Japan, Black label, 1984.
HM-2, Made in Taiwan, 1990.
SD-1, Made in Japan, Black label, 1985.

I am also interested in finding an empty box for a Ibanez TS808 from 1981.

Following wah I have also needs a leather bag:
Jen Crybaby Super, Made in Italy, 1979.
MAX (manufactored by Jen) Double Sound, Made in Italy, circa 1968 until early 1970s.

A Greco/Maxon made wah with model name "Blubber Crying Baby Machine", earlier one without LED status light. With the blue, red and silver coloured bagde on the front.