BIG Pedal Sale! :)

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Buy, Trade, Sell! Do so at your own risk! Must have 10 post to Sell or Trade.
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BIG Pedal Sale! :)

Post by fuzzbuzzfuzz » Thu Oct 14, 2021 7:25 am

Hello all,

Having a clearance of pedals from my personal collection to trim down the numbers a little bit. Any questions, offers, more detail/photos etc. please PM. Reasonable offers welcome of course. :)


BOSS HF-2 Hi-Band Flanger - Green Label MIJ, a few chips to front edging but overall very good. $95 plus shipping (Prices are very variable for these!)

*SOLD* Roland AF-60 Bee Gee Vintage Rare Japanese Fuzz - chips/marks/scuffs etc. - Fair/Good | Non-original feet everything else untouched. Rare beast, tentative sale, could keep it! Info: $285 plus shipping OBO

BOSS DD-2 Digital Delay The classic long chip delay. Some chips but overall Good | MIJ Blue Label | Details and price to follow.

BOSS OC-2 Octave |1991 Black Label MIT | VGC. No velcro. Just a few minor marks etc. Looks and sounds great! $130 OBO plus shipping. *SOLD*


Maxon OSD-9 Overdrive Soft Distortion | MIJ | Boxed w/papers | neat velcro on base | VGC | Info: ... tion-osd-9 $140 plus shipping *SOLD*

Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer Pro | MIJ | Boxed w/papers | MINT | $115 plus shipping Info: ... 08_99.html **SOLD**

VOX CT-03 Brit Boost Cooltron Series | MIJ | Features a small valve in the circuitry - VOX Top Boost & Drive channels both foot switchable. Somewhat overlooked series of great pedals in large shiny silver enclosures. VG in box/papers. $85 Plus shipping.

Sobbat FB-1R Fuzz Breaker Germanium Fuzz w/bias control | MIJ | Boxed w/papers | velcro base | - Good | Info : | $150 plus shipping

Catalinbread Valcoder Tremolo / Boost, USA | Boxed w/papers | MINT |  **SOLD**    Info: $125 plus shipping

Catalinbread Merkin v1 Mosrite Fuzz Silicon, VGC, $140 plus shipping

Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere Mk1 - All analog rotary emulator Leslie pedal, Made in Germany. Marks, velcro base - Good overall, metal finish fade/wear. Info: ... tosphere-i $360 Plus shipping  OBO (power supply is AC110v as is pedal) *SOLD*
BSM VX-C Treble Booster "Vox Treble and Bass" - Boxed, VGC (box smells of tobacco a little). Info: ... ss-booster ... edal-revie  $205 plus shipping **SOLD**

Visual Sound H2O Chorus/Delay - Dual switch in the original triangular wedge. A small repair performed (wire soldered to board), now working perfectly. Chorus side is classic analog with the nice chips MN3007 etc and the delay side is the PT digital up to around 900ms I think. Some marks, but fine overall w/box + papers, $90 plus shipping OBO *SOLD*

Maxon D&S Distortion & Sustainer | The most recent reissue update of their Triangle muff type circuit, features more mids/less bass boom and a great crunch. Boxed and almost mint, true bypass too iirc. Great pedal! | $110 plus shipping OBO.
Info: ... -sustainer

Maxon CP-101 Compressor[/b] - Red issue from 2000s | Good | nice non-pumpy compressor, great with Telecaster etc, can be used to boost too |  $70 plus shipping.

TREX DGTM Diabolical Gristle Tone Manipulator[/b]!
Signature overdrive for Greg Koch, three knob overdrive with more gain and a wider tone spectrum that a TS pedal, grittier, gainier and more neutral but still with plenty of cut-through. Excellent condition. $95 OBO plus shipping.
Info: ... -overdrive

Tech 21 Boost Reverb Mk1 - Black and gold reverb unit with variable boost/pre amp. Natural sounding box with a lot of boost and an analog style reverb. Some marks but overall in good condition. $90 plus shipping.

More to add when I have some time!

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