New Non-BOSS Pedals

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Re: New Non-BOSS Pedals

Post by Pepe » Sun Jun 09, 2024 9:49 am

I purchased this Rocktron Purple Haze a few weeks ago. It is an octave up fuzz with an octave below on demand.


It is from the early series with the solid aluminium chassis. A really dumb design flaw (I utterly hate it! :x ) is that the boards were slid into the chassis and then a thin flexible black cover with the controls printed on it was put over the potentiometer shafts and glued to the top of the chassis. If you want to remove the boards for maintenance or repair you will inevitably destroy this cover. I wanted to treat the crackling potentiometers with tuner spray. I wanted to remove the boards, so I carefully lifted the one side of the cover ... aaargh! The label of the first potentiometer doesn't look too nice anymore. Stupid design! Why didn't they print it on a sturdy metal plate?! You also have to be careful with the printed labelling on the chassis. Avoid cleaners that contain alcohol! I wanted to remove some bits of residue - now it's an "OCKTRON" pedal. Aaargh!


And how does it sound? Okay-ish. The octave up fuzz isn't half bad, but the octave down (octave up fuzz and the low octave can be blended with the MIX knob, each to full wet sound; the MOD knob is like a tone knob for the low octave) despite sounding nice with a very synth-like square wave tone, is just too glitchy and it doesn't work on the whole fretboard. All in all pretty much a let-down. :|
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Re: New Non-BOSS Pedals

Post by laurie » Sun Jun 09, 2024 12:06 pm

Oh my. Did it come with sunglasses? 8-)

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Re: New Non-BOSS Pedals

Post by bigtone23 » Fri Jun 14, 2024 9:12 am

My only guitar compressor was a 1980 Dyna Comp. I like it, It's usually set with the knobs at 'crossed eyes' or so, to try to get a more subtle compression. Having the sensitivity knob anywhere over 10 o'clock and it's pretty squashy. It doesn't see much use, as compression (for me) is often more useful with cleaner tones, and I don't play clean guitar much at all.
I use all kinds of compression and limiting with bass, though.
Found a really good deal on a used Keeley Compressor Plus. It's just a riff on the Ross, which is a riff on the Dyna Comp. Well, it's more adjustable and more useful. Being able to control the attack a bit with the single/humbucking switch, as well as the clean blend knob are welcome parameters.
It's much easier to dial in more subtle settings, and a side by side comparison with the Dyna Comp found a setting that was pretty close.
It's not studio quality, but a cool addition.

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